The New CD Is Here

toddcowboycover01Just got the physical copy of my CD and it looks great! No store is set up just yet to purchase, just online… but if you’d like an actual copy and can’t wait, hit us up with an email and we’ll get back to you!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to bringing you some Shotgun Betty music the first part of 2011!


Off To Press

toddcowboycover01Yes! I can finally say that the physical CD for my solo project is out and on it’s way to the duplicator! After a few delays and other projects and commitments… Finally!

Should be back and available a few days shy of Christmas! No online store available for my music and merchandise just yet, but plans are in the works…

My New Tattoo

toddtatsq01Here’s a shot of my newly tatted arm! Yeah!

I think most things have been added and links have been fixed! Just looking for a cool online photo gallery that we can used to start posting picks of all we do… Shots from recording, Shotgun Betty stuff… you know! Anyways, I think I’m done on here for the new few days as I get the physical CD of ‘The One Thing’ wrapped up and out to the CD maker people.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I’ll be enjoying my cold! *cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle*

‘Boom Boom Yeah!’ Single Released

boomboomyeah-single011One of the more upbeat, hip-rock tunes off of Todd Hayden’s album, ‘Boom Boom Yeah!’ was released for free streaming today.

‘This song throws in a mix of where I was, where I am, and where I want to be in my life within the lyrics.’ Says Todd ‘It’s a rockin’, groovy, hip kind of song. If you don’t tap your foot or sing along you are most likely dead.’

‘Boom Boom Yeah!’, along with all the other tracks off of ‘The One Thing’ are available at most online music retailers. A current list is available at or by Googling ‘Todd Hayden.’

‘Liar’ Single Released

liar-single01-2The latest track ‘Liar’ was released today by Todd Hayden. The fourth track off his solo debut ‘The One Thing.’ ‘This track is about a woman who is totally classy in public and probably wouldn’t give me the time of day, but a total freak in the bedroom when no one is looking. Acting all innocent in public when all along loving what I’m telling her. It’s just a great sexy track.’ Says Todd.

Digital purchases of each song or entire CD available at most online music retailers.

‘The One Thing’ Digital Album Released

toddcowboycover01The digital version of ‘The One Thing’ by Todd Hayden was released today. The first solo release from Todd contains nine tracks that can be purchased individually or as an entire release.

‘The One Thing’ contains songs about Todd’s past, present and future. His lyrics are filled with sexy innuendos and heartfelt messages.

One of the first online digital retailers to offer ‘The One Thing’ is iTunes. Other retailers coming soon!

UPDATE: Please go to the MUSIC PAGE for current links to all of Todd’s music.