Rick Springfield Weekend

toddfbsquare01It’s back to work on my own music after a fun weekend checking out the Rick Springfield show at the Emerald Queen Casino. He put on one hell of a show for being 62 years old. It gave me a ton of inspiration to get my latest music finished up and out there. Many of you either don’t know or don’t believe me that Rick was one of my main influences since I was little to write and play music. It was fantastic to see him and remain inspired to create.


Vocals For Rick Springfield Record

I was really excited yesterday to record vocals for the chorus of a Rick Springfield song. I know it’s a cheesy little contest that anyone can enter, but I’ve been a fan of his for 30 years and having a little part on a record of his is totally cool in my book! Now we’ll see if I’ll even be able to hear myself anywhere on it when it comes out. Either way, good times! Here’s a link to my submitted video…