Todd HostingTodd Hayden is a musician, recording artist, television host and digital designer from the Seattle, Washington area. From a very young age, he wanted to become a drummer. He began beating on pots and pans to all genres of music. Then he heard rock music for the first time, and it was all over from there.

Todd wanted to learn every instrument a rock band played. Besides a drum set, he learned guitar, bass and a little keyboard as well. Todd began writing lyrics at twelve and began trying to form bands with his friends. Many summer days were spent getting yelled at by the neighbors as he set up full blown concerts on the deck in his backyard.

Throughout the years, Todd’s bands played many concerts and festivals throughout the area. As a drummer and lyricist, he was often the lead vocalist while playing drums. He has shared the stage with national acts such as Dio, Quiet Riot, Motorhead and Yngwie Malmsteen, to name a few. As far as Seattle bands went, Todd was friends with and performed along side Gruntruck, Sky Cries Mary and Alice In Chains. His first shot at a major record deal was swiftly taken away when A&R reps chose to bypass his band’s show to check out another then unknown group called Nirvana.

With the quickly and ever-changing music scene, Todd decided to take some time away from the music industry and concentrate on other interests. Finally deciding to put his music career into his own hands, he built a recording studio of his own. His first solo release ‘The One Thing’ was recorded and released in 2010. Another released under the name Shotgun Betty called ‘Flat Black Shine’ was released in 2012. His most recent solo release, ‘Mechanical Heart’ was released in 2015.

Recently, Todd began to experiment with some new sounds and styles and started releasing tracks under the name Four Foot Rule. As a solo artist, Todd has played every instrument on his releases himself. That includes recording and production duties as well. He also continues to write music and lyrics for other artists.

As a graphic designer, Todd started up a digital production company in late 2000 under the name 253 Media, his designs and work is seen worldwide with decals, logos, shirt design, photography and DVD’s. Recently, he began attending college to update and improve in the ‘always growing and changing’ industry of digital design.

Todd is also the host of a music inspired podcast called the Noise Therapy Radio Show, and is currently working on an automotive based television show.