toddfbsquare01I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 months since I’ve blogged on here! So much has changed in my life over these months… Since starting my guitar strap business, I ended up selling my 1950 ‘El Buicko’ and got a 1964 VW Bug I’ve named ‘Das Zombie’. My mom ended up in the hospital once again, but this time we had to look for assisted living options for her upon release. The bank decided that they wanted our family home more than we did, so we went house shopping and found a beautiful new place just a few miles away.

In February, we finally got the keys and began moving in. Since I started doing custom auto upholstery again, I immediately set up a new shop/workspace in my garage to keep my customers happy. I began working on my Bug again. Recording new music and wrapping up songs for my next album are currently on hold until summer at this point.

Now it’s May… Our son is almost a 7th grader. Life goes by too damn quick. The last 9 months have been literally the best and worst months of my family’s lives. But we did it together and everyone is now happier as we move on to the next chapter!

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